Hair Recovery Set Back

My hair started shedding again

I had an uptick in shedding on Monday and I’m paranoid it might become a prolonged shedding period, which I CANNOT afford to experience right now due to how thin my hair already is. I made a series of stupid mistakes and went without my thyroid medication for 5 days, but it seems to recent for this to have caused shedding. UG! During the day I ran my hands through my hair and everytime 5-15 strands were coming out, it didn’t seem to stop. I did a castor oil treatment (which I think I’m not going to do anymore because its such a damn pain), and then the amount of hair that came out in the shower was significant. It could be partly due to the castor being so thick and weighing down the hairs that were already in the shedding phase, but I don’t recall my last treatment resulting in clumps of hair falling out. The shower always reveals the extent of shedding; when i’m not shedding, I don’t notice any hairs in the shower, and when I am, hair is everywhere. However, the good news it was a one day shed, and I haven’t noticed as much shedding today. I’ll see what happens in the shower tonight.

I can really tell how thin my hair is because three wraps of my hair tie is not securing my hair for very long, when in the past that would result in a tight fit. I can’t even bare to wear my hair in a ponytail due to how much it pains me to see how small the circumference is. I have been contemplating just cutting my hair chin length because I have just been throwing it up in ugly buns everyday due to my paranoia about shedding (I hate having hairs all over me, which seems to happen anyways even when I keep it up, which is even more depressing!!). I think I will just go through with it. I love having long hair, but I’m wearing it in ugly styles, and I have some serious split ends anyways (which equate to an even uglier bun).

I’m hoping this was a one day shed event. Please please please let it not be a prolonged shed. I’m still taking all the same vitamins I went over in the other posts.


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