Update: Progress?

Some progress!

I am noticing some potential regrowth!

I was obsessively checking my hair last night after showering, and I noticed what appears to be potential regrowth. I don’t do anything with my hair that could result in breakage at the scalp area (literally, I do nothing with my hair other than comb it in the morning – no heat, products, styling, etc., hence why my hair looks a mess in comparison to ladies who style their hair every day).

It is really hard to photograph a close up of my scalp and get an in focus shot of these fine baby hairs, but they are visible towards the back of my head.

So far, my shedding has been normal. I am still taking all the same vitamins. I just ordered Silica which I will start taking tomorrow; I’ve heard it can be as effective as biotin for improving hair health/issues. I have to do my twice weekly castor oil treatment, which I have been avoiding doing because it’s an awful hellish mess. I really hate having to do castor oil treatments, but I’ll force myself to do it tonight.

If you haven’t already noticed – I am extremely lazy about both styling my hair beyond the point of it looking it acceptable in appearance, and addressing the fact that I have a ton of gray hairs coming in (at 28…). I’ve always been lazy about hair – HOWEVER, this does not change the fact that I hate losing my hair and having excessively thin hair.

End of report.

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